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Is There Anything Worse Than Having a Water Issue in Your Home?

It’s a big, messy problem and it can overwhelm some of the homeowners unlucky enough to have to go through it.

The first thing you need to do is to find someone that can get to your house today and start drying and fixing it.

What Does a Bellingham WA Water Clean Up Company Do?
Once you call for help, this service will get to your home quickly. They will start soaking up all the water and begin testing all hidden areas of your house for moisture.

They have tools and techniques to check under floors and behind walls. They have done this before.

They will let you know the extent of the water damage and make some recommendations about what to do next.

But their primary focus to begin with is to dry your home completely and as quickly as possible.

They will bring in heaters and big fans. If they have to, they will carefully move appliances, pull up carpeting and flooring, remove molding and open up drywall.

Repairs and Replacements
As your house dries, they will make two lists.

The first list will be items in your home that they think should be discarded. The second list will be items that can be dried, repaired if necessary, and then put back.

For example, in some cases, carpeting and padding needs to be completely replaced; in many situations, it can simply be dried and put back in place.

And in some cases, wood flooring got so wet that it began warping, so it needs to be replaced. But in other spots of the house, the wood flooring can be kept, sanded and refinished.

This Is Going to Cost a Lot, Isn’t It?
A Bellingham emergency water cleanup service will not be cheap. None of these services are cheap. There usually isn’t much of a price difference between the different companies.

Because time is so important when this happens, a homeowner can’t leisurely make appointments with different companies to receive individual estimates. Trying to save a little bit of money isn’t the homeowner’s biggest concern right now.

Thankfully, in most situations, the bulk of your emergency water removal and cleanup cost will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance company.

Who Else Can Help Me Today?
Your local insurance agent should be your second phone call. Your insurance agent will give you some advice and then arrange for an adjuster to meet with your Bellingham cleanup service.

Your adjuster will walk through your house and assess the damages. This is what insurance adjusters do for a living and the reason why mortgage companies make you purchase a homeowners insurance policy in the first place.

Getting your home back to the condition it was in before this happened will not be a short process. But it will get done.

You just need to get started now.